Bell Rock Vortex Hike

Take a hike with Spiritual Land Guide, Miguel Montoya, around the vortex of Bell Rock. This vortex site is known to be the most powerful vortex in Sedona. Many people report feeling a tangible sense of healing energy or vibration at these sites. Miguel is also an amazing musician who will be taking the retreat participants through a healing process with sound healing tools and sacred songs, drum and Native flutes throughout. This experience combined with the energy for the Bell Rock vortex is sure to provide profound healing and clarity for your life.

Miguel Montoya

Tour Guide

Miguel Montoya has achieved legendary status as a Spiritual Land Guide in Sedona, with encyclopedic knowledge of the area, a wide assortment of healing tools, and a compassionate, intuitive manner coupled with an eloquent delivery that endears him into his guests hearts.

Miguel brings roughly 20 years and thousands of spiritual tours to his experience and repertoire, incorporating the full breadth of Sedona history and energy information, Native American sacred significance of the red rocks, combined with his masterful ceremonies and music: powerful activities for heart opening, Higher Self alignment, emotional healing, Clearing old patterns, Breathwork, setting powerful new intentions with highly intentional Qigong (energy work) to fully harmonize your intention with the powerful Sedona energy that is here to assist.

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